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The Official Vintage Curtis Mathes site by Glenn Waters

Curtis Mathes, Vintage Electronics, Televisions, Stereos, Radios, VCR”s, Camcorders, Mathes Coolers and Fans, Made in the USA. Design

Photo Gallery

The birth of the High Fidelity Age. The birth of the High Fidelity Age. Curtis Mathes Turntable Model # E18 - 11A2 ... Austin Texas Designed and Manufactured at the Austin Texas Plant the Curtis Mathes turntable model # E18 - 11A2 was the first of its kind in the world. 202588362 CM Stylus Design to pickup Track in the Grooves Accurately The turntable would run at constant speed and be free from vibration and hum which might be reproduced in the system, creating a form of distortion. 202588363 1953 Curtis Mathes Model #E18-11A2 Turntable made in Texas This turntable for the famous Mathes hifi design was manufactured at Austin Texas design and fabrication plant in 1953. 202588364 A work of Love at the Design Laboratory at Curtis Mathes 1953 The attention to details can be seen in the painstaking design of the technicians at Curtis Mathes back in the gold age of High Fidelity sound. 202588365 Curtis Mathes Turntable back in the year 1959 the first of its Kind Pressure on the record groove was low, with the design of the stylus assembly such that the pickup will track in the grooves of the record accurately. 202588366 The Curtis Mathes turntable in 1959 Provided Realism to Music Flaw less dedication to design was the way stereophonic reproduction was developed for the Curtis Mathes turntable in 1959. 202588367 A Fresh & new Designed Turntable by Curtis Mathes back in 1953 Back in the day they made their own stuff in Texas at the Curtis Mathes Plant in Austin Texas. 202588368 This 1960 Curtis Mathes Turntable came out of Provincial console This Curtis Mathes Turntable came out of Provincial console made in Texas in 1960. The turntable was made in Austin Texas before the great plant fire. 202588369 Custom Curtis Mathes Stereo Components from 1967 70M310 Curtis Mathes components were designed with the audiophile in mind form the standpoint of performance but with the laymen in mind from the standpoint of simplicity. 202588370 Curtis Mathes Model 70M270 in 1967 offered the Best in FM Stereo In 1967 if FM stereo was the desired need together with greater sensitivity and more power you could do no better than the made in Texas 70M270. Few sound systems then offer greater reward to the hearer. 202588371 The Curtis Mathes Stereophonic Cassette Player Model 70M240 In 1967 for the first time Curtis Mathes offered a heavy duty stereophonic cassette in its line. With recording as well as playback capabilities. 202588372 A Royal Curtis Mathes Banner made in 1959 for a CM Showroom Karah Waters and Cora Waters are holding up a Curtis Mathes Banner made in 1959 for a Showroom of the first High Fidelity stereos made in Texas. The first authorized dealership in true high fidelity console stereo systems. 202588373 Grantley Waters standing in next to a Curtis Mathes Console Grantley Waters standing in next to a Curtis Mathes Console. I designed the cabinet for this color console back in the early 1980s when I worked for the company. 202588374 A look inside a CM High Fidelity Television, Three in One for 1960 A look inside the well designed 1960 Curtis Mathes Console, this is a three in one, television, AM - FM radio, and turntable, all high fidelity. 202588375 The Front of the1960 Curtis Mathes 3 in 1 Console, made in Texas This is a well designed three in one console with a television, AM - FM radio and CM turntable, all components are high fidelity ... 202588376